Notifications and Pipelines

Qualdo Alerts provide a Notification Channel and Pipeline Channel subsystem to support automation in terms of basic monitoring,conditional evaluation, code execution, and notification schedules. Qualdo Alerts are capable of sending messages to messaging systems and triggering pipelines in your favorite pipeline environments.

Real world data and pipelines will always have new issues to manage. The key to achieving production scale quality and performance is identifying these issues quickly, and responding programmatically when possible. Qualdo monitors your various data assets, completes tasks, and keeps you informed using Alerts, Notifications & Pipelines.

  1. Basic Monitoring

    Qualdo default rules provide basic monitoring for Alerts and Notifications.

  2. Pipeline Channels

    Code can be written and invoked to automate tasks, such as re-tuning your cleaning pipelines.

Alerting in Qualdo also allows you to attach rules to your metrics. When the Alert rules are configured, Qualdo will schedule them for evaluation.

When the Alert conditions are met, associated Notification Channels and Pipeline Channels will be invoked. Qualdo also has its own Alerting Rules (Quality Gate) enabled on all the Default Metrics. Qualdo notifies under two scenarios:

  1. For system generated errors notifications are delivered in a digest

  2. For Custom Alerts notifications are delivered as defined in the configuration for each Custom Alert.

Basic Monitoring - uses Defaults Default: Metric, Alert, Digest

Custom Monitoring - uses Custom Custom: Metric, Alert, Digest

  1. Basic Monitoring - Qualdo defines thresholds for a collection of Default Metrics. When a metric exceeds the threshold the user is notified via user configured Notification Channels. You may also review prior Alerts by clicking the Bell icon on the menu bar.

  2. Notification Schedules - Notification Channels using Email may be scheduled immediately per Alert, or as a Digest. A user may stop receiving the Digests of Basic Monitoring Alerts by disabling the Digest option in the configured Email Notification Channel(s).

  3. Default Digest - A Digest of Basic Monitoring Alerts can be generated by Qualdo and delivered to the Email Notification Channels which are configured to receive these emails. Basic Monitoring Alerts in Qualdo are initially communicated via the default Email Notification Channel as a Digest using the registered email address. Other Notification Channels may also be configured to receive Basic Monitoring Alerts as a Digest.

  4. Notification Channel - The channels in which the user will be notified when the configured alerting conditions are met. Currently Qualdo supports Email and Slack as notification channels.

  5. Pipeline Channel - Currently Qualdo supports Pipeline Channels for Webhook, Databricks, AWS Lambda Function and Google Cloud Function. Example: Consider a model re-train pipeline running as Databricks job. The re-training Databricks job can be configured as Databricks Pipeline Channel and invocation condition(s) can be set to invoke this job when the model performance is degrading.

  6. Custom Alert - Monitor a specific metric’s threshold for a particular Dataset. The rule can be created with one or more metric conditions for a Dataset.