Manage your account

User Info

To edit your user profile information:
  1. Click the Person icon > Profile.

  2. Enter the new values in the fields you wish to change.

  3. Click the Update User Profile button.

Password Change

To change your password:
  1. Click the Person icon > Profile > Change Password.

  2. Enter your current password in the Current Password field.

  3. In the New Password and Verify Password fields, enter your new password.

  4. Click the Change Password button.

The user will receive an email notification of the password change.


Invite to Team

An Admin can send an invitation to join a Team or Qualdo. The invitation is an email notification. To send an invitation:
  1. Click the Person icon > Team.

  2. Go to the Manage Teammates page.

  3. Under the Invitations tab, click the Configure Invitations button.

  4. Provide one or more email addresses in the Email Addresses text box.

  5. Custom email content can be added in the Invitation Email Content text box.

  6. Click Send.

The invitee(s) will receive an email inviting them to get started on Qualdo. They can click on the link in the email to login to Qualdo and complete joining the team Members will have visibility on all the configured Datasources, metrics & alerts.

Disable or Delete

To disable or delete user:
  1. Click the Person icon > Team.

  2. Team members are listed on Manage Teammates -> Teammates.

  3. To disable a user, click on the Edit button, click Disable User, and then save the changes.

  4. To delete a user, click on the Delete button.

Only an Admin will have permission to delete a user.

Payment Gateway

Qualdo uses Braintree as its payment gateway partner.


Qualdo Supports two two types of subscriptions:
  1. Annual

  2. Monthly

You may change to Annual subscription from Monthly subscription at any point in time. Qualdo provides a grace period of 7 Days before suspending service in the case of payment failure during the subscription cycle.